About Us

Matchstick & Co. is a specialty coffee micro roastery & coffee shop based in Leyte. Founded in 2020 by a group of industry specialists, home brewers and coffee fans, Matchstick & Co. was born out of the shared desire to promote and elevate the coffee culture in the Eastern Visayas region.

It all began with brewdol. 

When the world stopped in 2020, the desire for people to discover more about coffee kept on going. Suddenly, people wanted to discover more about coffee - enthusiasts shared brewing recipes for the V60 and Kalita Wave, others with an entrepreneurial spirit put up small coffee kiosks for cyclists, and everyone worshipped St. James Hoffman. And at the center of it all was this wonderful, caffeine-filled, life giving thing: coffee. 

Matchstick & Co. was initially formed as a way to address the growing need to supply freshly roasted coffee beans to a fast-rising market of coffee home brewers, but with Region VIII on top of mind. The first branch was set-up in a family-owned farm in San Miguel, Leyte, which is now known as popular tourist destination The Farm at Guinciaman.

In 2022, the roastery operations moved to Tacloban and was eventually opened to the public - giving Taclobanons new ways to enjoy coffee by sharing different brewing methods, holding public cupping sessions, and barista training sessions, among many others. At the same time, the roastery opened up its doors to nationwide customers via e-commerce channels as a way to share its talent and passion for roasting coffee.

Two years, two branches, and a growing number of local partner coffee producers later, M&C has established itself not only as one of the leading suppliers of local and imported specialty and premium single origins in Region VIII, but as a company that deeply loves coffee and will do anything to spread this love to all.